Model Railway etches specifically for the 4mm modeller
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4mm Scale
7mm Narrow Gauge
Wagon Baseplates - solid foundation upon which to build successful 4mm wagon chassis
Alex Jackson Coupling - a range of jigs to assist the manufacture of consistent AJ couplings
Twin torsion bar bogie conversion kits - kits to convert from single torsion bar bogies to robust twin bars
6ft 4ins, 8ft 6ins & 9ft twin torsion bar full bogie kit - kits for a smooth riding bogies with twin torsion bars
Miscellaneous items - track wiring droppers and metal strips
Welshpool & Llanfair wagon transfers - waterslide wagon transfers for a vast range of W&L wagons
Flat bottom track baseplates - rail baseplates for use with Karlgarin C82/7 rail
Wagon brakes and brake lever guards - good looking brake gear for 10 wagons
LMS Ground signal - an etch for an LMS open frame ground signal
LMS Coach Underframes - Accurate 57ft and 60ft coach underframes with solebar rivet detail