Model Railway etches specifically for the 4mm modeller
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4mm Scale Products
Wagon Baseplates - a solid foundation upon which to build successful 4mm wagon chassis
Alex Jackson Coupling - a range of jigs to assist the manufacture of consistent AJ couplings
Twin torsion bar bogie conversion kits - kits to convert from single torsion bar bogies to robust twin bars
6ft 4ins, 8ft 6ins & 9ft twin torsion bar full bogie kits - a kit for a smooth riding bogie with twin torsion bars
Miscellaneous items - track wiring droppers and metal strips
Etched wagon baseplates on which you can build your w-irons and brakegear. Produced specifically to assist you, the specialist railway modeller, to quickly and easily build a robust and reliable working wagon chassis using sprung w-irons.

The baseplate has been designed to use Bill Bedford and Masokits w-irons and it provides you with several ways of accurately positioning your w-irons for truly perfect running. These baseplates are designed to ensure that your axles are exactly parallel and you can build up your brakegear directly onto the plate.

The WGB01 baseplate allows for wheelbases from 8ft up to 12ft in steps of 1 foot. WGB02 has been added to the range and allows you to use any wheelbase setting from 8ft up to 26ft in units of 6 inches.

The WGB01 baseplates are sold in threes and WGB02 is sold singly.
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Those who have not yet learnt of the ingenuity behind this fully automatic coupling that was developed in the early 1950s by the late Alex Jackson should take a look at the Manchester Model Railway Society website to learn how simple and effective this coupling is.

We have developed several items that are needed to help you to make AJ couplings quickly and easily and with the correct angles which will help you to use them successfully first time round.

The bending jig designed by the late Graham Turner is without doubt the cleverest idea produced so far to aid the simple but accurate construction of this coupling. Although Graham believed the jig could not be made by etching we have managed to produce it. Using multi-layers of metal we have designed and made this ingenious jig which works very well. Used in conjunction with our 180 jig, it allows consistent and accurate couplings to be made every time.

The 180 jig has been designed based on an idea by Tony Williams, the Manchester Model Railway Society regular demonstrator of the Alex Jackson coupling. The most awkward task when making the AJ coupling is to make the first 180 degree bend and Tony's design makes this just so simple.

We also have a set of hinge plates and mountings which can be used to fix the couplings to your stock. These are sold in a set for 4 vehicles and comprise the base and the hinge plates. The hinge method is described on page 20 of the AJ book. There is also a useful jig to ensure that all the bends you make in the wire are in the correct plane.

There are some packages which combine several of the AJ products together at discounted prices. Please note that some of these products need you to provide items like nuts/bolts and wire in order to complete them. We feel pretty sure that if you are interested in making AJ couplings then you are likely to have these items already.
180 Jig - Jig to make an accurate 180 degree bend in the wire
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AJ Turner Bending Jig - jig to aid the forming of all the angles of the coupling
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AJ Pivot/hinge plates - set of pivot/hinge plates for 5 vehicles
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AJ mounting plate bases - set of 5 pivot/hinge plates bases for 5 vehicles
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AJ Pivot Plate Bending Jig - jig to bend the coupling wire when using pivot plates
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11 thou Guitar Wire - wire for making couplings
Ernie Ball guitar wire
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AJ Starter Pack
180 Jig, AJ Turner Bending Jig, AJ Pivot/hinge plates for 5 vehicles, AJ Pivot Plate Bending Jig and 2 packets of Ernie Ball Guitar Wire
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A range of kits which uses MJT single torsion bar bogies and converts them to a twin torsion bar bogie avoiding torsion bar fracture so common with the MJT bogie design. See Scalefour News 184 for more details. The kit contains all parts needed to convert your existing bogie. Wheels are not included in any of these kits.
8ft twin torsion bar conversion kit - kit of parts to convert 8ft single torsion bar bogie
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8ft 6ins twin torsion bar conversion kit - kit of parts to convert 8ft 6ins single torsion bar bogie
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9ft twin torsion bar conversion kit - kit of parts to convert 9ft single torsion bar bogie
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10ft twin torsion bar conversion kit - kit of parts to convert 10ft single torsion bar bogie
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LMS Ground Signal- an etch to build an LMS ground signal
A twin torsion bar bogie designed as a full bogie kit. Includes all the parts required to build a pair of smooth running bogies (wheels not included). Includes bogie stepboard brackets.
Twin Torsion Bar Full Bogie Kit - kit of parts to make a complete pair of twin torsion bar bogies
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Sufficient parts to make a 2-height LMS 1941 type open frame ground signal. The frame folds up and makes an accurate size ground signal. 3 and 4 high signals can be built by combining 2 kits together. We have motorised several of these using servo power. The design is based on the drawing in the Wild Swan publication LMS Journal.
LMS Ground Signal - etch to make a 2 height ground signal
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Rail droppers - 50 droppers for attaching to rails to assist in the connection of wiring feeds to your track.
Metal strips - 0.25mm nickel silver strips for modellers 4 x 1mm, 4 x 1.5mm, 4 x 2mm, 2 x 3mm and 1 x 4mm strips. The etch frame can also be used (1 x 2mm and 1 x 4mm strips).
Rail droppers - fret with 50 droppers
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Metal strips - fret of 0.25mm thick metal strips in various widths
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LMS Coach Underframes - 57ft and 60ft accurate and easy to build coach underframes
Based directly on the LMS drawings from Derby works these underframes are etched in nickel silver. They cater for both the rivetted or welded underframe and are easy to build, indeed we have made over 10 of them for the Slattocks Junction layout. Angle iron truss rods are easily made up in accordance with the prototype.

Note: these kits are ideal for use with our 9ft twin torsion bar full bogie kit. You will need to source castings for the vacuum cylinder, buffers and battery box, they are not included in the kit, it is an etch only.
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LMS 57ft Underframe
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LMS 60ft Underframe
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Note: Once stocks are exhausted we will no longer supply these kits - please ask before ordering.
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